Basaksehir vs Galatasaray in the Turkish League

Find out the date of the match between Basaksehir and Galatasaray in the Turkish League, the transmission channels and the expected line-up for both teams.

Egyptian winger Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet plays for Istanbul Basaksehir on loan from English club Aston Villa until the end of the current season.

Galatasaray is seeking to make up for its past loss against Sivasspor with three goals to two in the thirty-fifth round of the Turkish League competition.

While Istanbul Basaksehir is experiencing a period of good results, it has achieved 4 victories and 1 draw in the past five rounds.

The date of the Galatasaray match against Istanbul Basaksehir in the Turkish League

Istanbul Basaksehir will meet Galatasaray tomorrow, Saturday, in the thirty-sixth round of the Turkish League.

The match between Basaksehir and its guest, Galatasaray, will be held tomorrow, Saturday, at exactly six o’clock in the evening, Cairo time, and seven o’clock Mecca time.

Istanbul Basaksehir occupies fourth place in the Turkish league table with 60 points, and Galatasaray is in thirteenth place with 47 points.

Which channels will broadcast the Istanbul Basaksehir vs Galatasaray match?

The Istanbul Basaksehir match against Galatasaray will be broadcast on the Turkish channel BN Sports on Saturday, as it is not broadcasted in the Arab world.

The expected formation of Basaksehir

Goalkeeper: Vulcan

Defence: Junior, Alexandre, Duarte, Tolga

Midfield: Deniz - Alexis, Ozkan - Lucas Lima

Forwards: Trezeguet, Frederick

The expected formation of Galatasaray

Goalkeeper: Ignacio Peña

Defence: Abdlawy, Markau, Nelson, Patrick Fatt Anholt

Midfield: Kutlu, Antalyali, Mohamed Karim, Emre Kleinç

Forwards: Sofiane Feghouli, Mostafa Mohamed

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