Denmark-Tunisia on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Denmark coach Kasper Helmand affirmed his great respect for the Tunisian national team, before the upcoming confrontation between the two teams tomorrow at the start of their career in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Casper said on the sidelines of the press conference that was held before the upcoming meeting: We are very happy to be here and we are excited for tomorrow's match against Tunisia.


He added: I do not think that we are candidates for the title if we are compared to other teams, but we believe in our ability and as soon as we enter the stadium we are able to express our personality and if we do that we will have a great opportunity, we will face 3 different competitors and the French national team is one of the strongest teams, we faced Australia years ago It was a very difficult match. We respect everyone, but every team has a weakness and we try to win all the matches.

Wasel: I do not consider or classify teams like this.. This is a weak team and this is a strong team. We are thinking 100 percent about facing Tunisia and we are not thinking now about facing France. Tunisia is a difficult team and we have to do our best.


He continued: I do not think that the public presence will affect us in the face of Tunisia. We deal with the matter professionally. Danish football has developed a lot when I started training in 1998. There was no one to hire a young coach, but these things have changed completely.


He concluded: There is great communication with Ghana, and I have friends there and we were trying to have confrontations with African teams before the World Cup, and with regard to African teams, I think there will be no problem, we will face a different competitor and we have also developed in adapting to matches. 

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